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Information about cancer

Find out about treatments, symptoms, what to expect. It's all here!

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As the Information page on this website fills up we will create history pages so the information is not lost.  You can select a history page from the list below or use the search box to help find an article of interest.

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How Dee Cured her Cancer

In Dee's own words
Following on from the FACT monthly meeting recently, I was asked to give a very brief summary on how I managed to heal my body from Cancer completely naturally without the use of any toxic medicine.
Back in March, after finding a lump in my breast, I was diagnosed with stage 1, grade 3 Triple Negative breast Cancer, following surgery to remove the tumour I was advised that this type is the most aggressive and rarest form of breast cancer which does not respond to any anti cancer drugs. Oncologists advised I would need twelve months worth of chemotherapy and radiation.
Having lost a sister to liver Cancer several years ago and seeing the damage that chemo had on her body left me with the decision to refuse such conventional treatment, instead opting to chose the alternative natural route.

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Dee (centre) at the FACT meeting in August

Over the course of a short three months, I completely changed my diet to be heavily alkaline based , quit sugar, dairy and meat. I took a load of cancer fighting supplements, turmeric with bioperine, garlic pearls, high dose vitamin c, multi vitamins, biotin and flax seeds. Bicarbonate of soda mixed with water ane lemon, apple cider vinegar, quit smoking, cut down on alcohol and juiced anything green every morning. I also orally took essential oils, such as frankinscense, oregano and lemon oil, I now diffuse these oils daily using a diffuser.

I took epsom salt baths regularly, which is the quickest way to absorb magnesium into the blood stream, most Cancer patients have a magnesium deficiency. I also changed my mental attitide by practicing meditation which helped combat the very carcinogenic stress levels.
Most importantly I used Cannabis oil nightly, the oil I used was produced following the Rick Simpson method, with a very high (70%+) THC content. As the high is so strong, I was only able to take a rice grain size, Rick Simpson quoted that 1 gram of oil every night for 30 nights would cure any Cancer, unfortunately I couldn´t manage 1 gram a day as I had work and kids to deal with. However fortunately for me the results were the same with the tiny amount of potent oil that I injested.

Refusing conventional medicine was a massive gamble, but thankfully it all paid off, three months after my surgery my blood test results were near enough perfect, with Cancer markers greatly reduced. The Oncologist declared me officially Cancer free, he also stated that for Triple Negative, blood results after surgery, without chemotherapy were never perfect as there are always microscopic cells remaining that the surgeons can´t see.

As a preventative I will continue to carry on with the supplements and Cannabis oil, however I´m a little more relaxed with my diet now.

I´m now in the process of writing my book called “My Way”, which is aimed at inspiring Cancer victims to seek alternative medicine. The book explains in detail of how I went from hell to heaven in five short months.

Lisa's Story

This just has to be one of the nicest posts I have ever written One of our first members to join FACT from the UK was our Lisa Wann. Lisa was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and was having a pretty tough time of it. A fantastic Geordie lass who befriended many of us in FACT. As Lisa's 
treatment progressed one thing that just would not go away was her increased capacity for being sick

BUT.... there is also another reason why us females can develop this problem..yep Lisa was again diagnosed but this time with one of life's little miracles...our Lisa was pregnant.... Lisa then went on to have one of the toughest pregnancies ever. Her body wasn't fully recovered from her treatment.. and this little miracle decided to stay where she was for an extra week..
So.....on Wednesday July 20 at 9.55pm Raya June Coutts finally arrived
safe and well... weighing in at 6lb 11oz

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In Lisa's own words...
”Raya June is truly a miracle as I never thought in a month of sundays that it was possible to fall pregnant after cancer treatment, also taking Tamoxifen, alongside my age (which is 40 by the way!) and also having graves disease” It has been a pregnancy that has scared the living daylights out of me the whole 9 months...but WOW look at this little
miracle..perfection at its best and very healthy”

What's this a picture of?

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A clue - it's too small for you to see it unaided - it's taken using an electron microscope!
A big problem with cancer drugs is that they don't just affect cells with cancer, they affect all cells giving bad side effects. So wrap the drug up in a polymer bag that only dissolves when it gets inside a cell with cancer - simples! The picture is the polymer bag dissolving inside a cancer cell, minimising side effects.  It's from research work by Chemical Engineering PhD students Marie Bachelet and Shiqi Wang at Imperial College, London.

Research suggests potential role for vitamin A in pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), the most common type of malignancy of the pancreas, is extremely aggressive and very difficult to treat. Many scientists are currently investigating the genetic mutations and biochemical signalling pathways that enable cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body.
 Read More..

Although the Daily Mail article quotes the NHS as saying there is no scientific evidence of 'no carbs' controlling cancer, there is mounting evidence of a link.

NHS Choices:
Carbs linked to lung cancer,' study finds

Is There a Role for Carbohydrate Restriction in the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer?
Rainer J Klement; Ulrike Kämmerer

Cancer Support Tenerife

Complementary medicine is used by hospitals and health organizations alongside traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy because studies show the effectiveness is multiplied when cancer is fought from several directions. Read More.