Cancer and COVID

To a cancer sufferer the COVID pandemic is especially worrying as many treatments lower the bodies' ability to fight infections. Here we are pointing to Cancer Research UK's advice to cancer patients about COVID-19.
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The guidance in the article is written from a UK perspective. The telephone numbers given apply only to the UK and you need to translate them to your setting in Tenerife.

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Sci-Fi tackles Cancer

Viruses killing bugs to cure cancer - a sci-fi author couldn't make it up.

Using bacteria-killing viruses to deliver cancer therapies could help to tackle deadly brain cancers, according to new early-stage research.  Read more.

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(Picture copyright of Imperial College, London)

The approach is being explored by researchers to treat glioblastoma, an aggressive, incurable form of brain cancer which kills many patients within the first year following diagnosis.

Glioblastoma can spread rapidly through the brain, requiring surgery or radiotherapy to remove the tumour and treat affected parts of the brain. Currently, the only available chemotherapy is a drug called temozolomide (TMZ). However, it has limited effect.  

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The 'Birth of Cancer'

The BBC reports that British and American scientists are teaming up to search for the earliest signs of cancer in a bid to detect and treat the disease before it emerges. 
They plan to "give birth" to cancer in the lab to see exactly what it looks like "on day one".

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"The fundamental problem is that we never get to see a cancer being born in a human being," says Dr David Crosby, head of early detection research at Cancer Research UK.
Together, the scientists are aiming to develop less invasive tests, such as blood, breath and urine tests, for monitoring high-risk patients, improve imaging techniques for detecting cancer early and look for virtually undetectable signs of the disease.

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NOTE: FACT do not comment on any treatments for cancer, whether medical or holistic. We do however, provide information about treatments when we can.

Cancer and canaboids are often in the same conversation, rarely however with medical professionals. There is a lot of urban myth and rumour about growing plants, different extracts of oil, legality, and much more.

You may find the information and advice at
LAB Canarias useful in coming to your own conclusions.

Dee Mani at the FACT open meeting

You may also find Dee Mani's (centre of picture) book, "My Way" useful in illustrating how lifestyle changes can impact cancer treatment. Just select the picture to go to and get a copy in paperback or Kindle.

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