Contact FACT

If you need help or want to see if FACT can help someone you care for then please try and contact us on our FACT Phone


This is a Spanish numbers so add 0034/+34 at the front of the number if using a non Spanish phone.

We normally hold a monthly open meeting on the first Monday of each month in Adeje, Playas de las Americas, Los Cristianos area. Please check our Facebook page (HERE) to get the lastest information. 

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What FACT Can Do To Help

FACT can help by providing goods and services, such as wheelchairs or transport to/from the hospital.  Or maybe all you need is a someone to talk it through with - we do that as well. 

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The support you need maybe as simple as getting your shopping in!  Or translating for you when you visit hospital. What ever it is, give one of our volunteers a call and we will see what we can do to help. 

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Donations and Merchandise

FACT is entirely dependent on donations from supporters to provide help and care.  And also on our volunteers that provide their time to help others.  You can help FACT by making a donation or by buying some merchandise from our store.

During COVID, our fund raising activities have been severely curtailed, so please make a donation (See below) if you can to enable us to continue providing much needed help.

FACT now has an on-line store where you can buy most of our merchandise, like T-shirts, mugs, fridge magnets and much more!
(All thanks to Sue Thompson!)

Go take a look at all the goodies!!


Go to the PayPal donation button

Donations, whether personal or from some event you've held, are always welcome. They enable FACT to continue to assist people here on Tenerife in their battle with cancer.

Equally if you want to volunteer your time to help people then please get in contact. We always need people to translate from Spanish, or drive people to the hospital for their appointments, or just go and get some shopping in.  

Please use the button below to make an online DONATION via PAYPAL.
Occasionally the link to PayPal returns an error. If that happens just come back here and try again.
Please note that the PayPal website may load cookies to your device as described in their privacy statement.

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A Little History

FACT was originally formed by Moira Dixon in 2013. Moira had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was having treatment in Candelaria hospital in Santa Cruz, feeling very alone with no one to help her through the illness.
She thought that there might be other people feeling the same, so put a post on Facebook aiming to make contact with them. A small group responded and subsequently got together in a cafe in San Eugenio.
The movement grew quickly and the first fundraiser totalled over 5,000 euros. The funds were all applied directly to the people impacted by cancer. FACT helped them get to hospital, supplied interpreters, provided any assistance needed with Social Services or doing administrative paperwork, even top up their phones, deliver food parcels and provide wheelchairs.

Need to contact FACT? Just select the picture.

This same model is applied today. All monies raised go directly to those needing help in Southern and western Tenerife. 
Anyone who is going through cancer can contact FACT through our Facebook pages, Fighting Against Cancer Tenerife, Website or FACT Mobile (+34) 604 18 67 16.
For anyone wishing to lend their services and support please get in touch.
For those who are able or wanting to donate to FACT this can be done via the FACT Facebook page or Website using the donate option which is linked to PayPal.

With love from all at FACT

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