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Moira Dixon y Amigos Contra Cáncer, popularly known as Fighting Against Cancer Tenerife, FACT is a registered Association in Spain, registration number 46134035674, with Identification Fiscal G76741958. FACT provides support to cancer sufferers and their carers in Tenerife.

The following Privacy Statement applies to all individuals involved with FACT, specifically:
• The Trustees
• Members of FACT (aka The FACT Admin Group)
• People helped by FACT
• Individual Donors
• Individual Fund Raisers
• Volunteers (eg Drivers, Translators)

Purpose of Processing Personal Data
FACT may gather, store and process your personal information on computers or other electronic devices for the purposes of:
• FACT Operations, including legal, administrative and financial activities
• Assisting you/mitigating issues caused by cancer, cancer treatment or your support of a cancer sufferer
• Raising funds and other events
• Allocating, spending funds to assist you
• Recognising your contributions
• Making FACT’s activities known, including posters, online or print articles, TV/Radio broadcasts, websites, social media.

Our Legitimate Interest in you
You will have requested FACT to take an interest in you by any combination of volunteering, offering a donation, requesting assistance, offering to raise funds, wishing to become a member of FACT. By making such a request you agree to FACT gathering, storing and processing your personal data for the purposes identified above. If you are contacting FACT for/on behalf of another individual, it is your duty to inform the person that you are contacting FACT and to obtain their permission for FACT to process their personal data.

Recording your consent
When you contact FACT, if it is considered that FACT need to store and process your personal data you will referred to this Privacy Statement and may be requested to confirm your consent. Generally, however, your continued involvement with FACT will be considered as consent.

What Data is Processed
In all classes of individual, FACT may process/store your name, legal references/identification (eg NIE), contact details, your attendance/participation in events/fund raising activities, car registration and whereabouts at specific times. The personal data may include images.
For those individuals that FACT provide support/help to the personal data may extend to your medical condition, appointments, treatments, medications, dietary requirements, allergy issues, directly related to cancer or otherwise.

Storage and Processing
Your data may be stored on devices belonging to/allocated to members of FACT, in a private Facebook Group, and email services used by FACT members. If stored on mobile devices the data are encrypted. All access requires an identifier and password combination. All devices used to store and/or access have a timeout of no more than 10 minutes and require a password to be entered to re-establish access. Stored data is backed up/recovered by means specific to the service or device owner.

Storage Duration
FACT will store/process your personal data for as long as you remain in contact with FACT and for a maximum of 1 year since your last contact. Financial records may be stored for up to 7 years after the transaction.

When FACT no longer requires your personal data if will be deleted from the storage devices using the deletion mechanism for the device or service.

Data Sharing
In the cases of donors, sponsors and fund raisers, FACT may share your data with media and social media organisations. Otherwise, FACT does not share data with any other individual or organisation, with the exception of supporting you in interactions with medical staff. For example, if FACT are supporting you with by providing an interpreter, the interpreter may relay your data to medical staff and vis versa.
Data given/collected by one member of FACT may be shared with other members, or FACT volunteers on a need to know basis.

Your Rights of Access
At any time, you may request to know what personal information FACT has stored about you. To do this you must make a request to the FACT Data Controller by email or by post. The contact details are below. FACT will respond to you within 1 month of the receipt of your request.
If any data is inaccurate you may request for it to be corrected.
FACT will make every effort to keep the data up to date, however this can only be done if you tell FACT of changes to your data.

Loss of/illicit access to Data
If FACT recognises or suspects data has been lost or accessed illicitly, a report will be made to the (Spanish equivalent of Information Commissioner’s Office) and those individuals that may have been impacted will be informed by email.

Contact Details
FACT’s Registered Address.

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Privacy Statement

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If you need help related to cancer, call one of our volunteers and we'll see what we can do.

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